Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Association


Lake Wissota Stewardship Project

The Lake Wissota Stewardship Project is a public/private partnership. The project is co-sponsored by the Lake Wissota Improvement & Protection Association (LWIPA) and the Chippewa County Land Conservation & Forest Management Committee (LCFM). The project is being implemented to improve water quality in Lake Wissota by reducing runoff pollution from its contributing watersheds.

The Lake Wissota Stewardship Project has three operating components: community outreach, “conservation on the land” to reduce runoff pollution, and water quality monitoring.

In 2019, the project provided opportunities to improve community awareness of water quality issues. Canoes for a Cause tree planting and water monitoring volunteers worked on the lake and in the watershed. The Wisconsin Farmers Union Foundation developed and implemented a watershed curriculum at Kamp Kenwood.

Conservation on the Land was expanded in 2019. 3 tree buffers, 3 grass buffers, and one sediment detention basin were installed in May and June. Summer was a successful project recruitment and contracting period, yielding 5 grass buffers, 3 tree buffers, and 1 wetland restoration to be installed in the spring of 2020. (Map Included)

Water quality monitoring continued in the Little Lake Wissota Watershed and the Moon Bay/Yellow River Watershed this year. Little Lake Wissota monitoring continued with Boy Scout Troop #72, and community member volunteers monitored 3 lake sites on Moon Bay, and 2 new sites on Lake Wissota. With the help of DNR personnel, LWIPA volunteers were trained as stream monitors for thirteen sites in the Lake Wissota Watershed – Little & Big Drywood Creek, Yellow River, Paint Creek, Stillson Creek & Frederick Creek. (Graphs Included)

On behalf of the Lake Wissota Stewardship Project, we thank all of our donors in the community for supporting this public/private partnership and for allowing this expanded program to continue.

Great News!!! The 9Key Element Plan for the Little Lake Wissota watershed has been completed and the 9-Key element plan for the Yellow River watershed is expected to be completed in 2021.Caleb Meyer, who is the project manager for the Lake Wissota Stewardship Project, in conjunction with the Wisconsin DNR and the Chippewa County Land Conservation and Forest  Management Dept., has completed months of hard work to complete this major undertaking that will help with clean water projects in the Lake Wissota watershed.

Click here to learn more about 9Key Element plans.
Click here to see the 9Key Element plans in Wisconsin with DNR and EPA approval.
Click here to download a pdf of the 9Key Element Plan for the Little Lake Wissota watershed.

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