Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Association


The Lake Wissota Improvement and protection association is a 501C3 non-profit organization made up of volunteers with the common goal to preserve, enhance, and protect Lake Wissota and it’s surroundings.

LWIPA will use its resources to enhance water quality in Lake Wissota through science-based education and broad community involvement.

Welcome to Lake Wissota!

LWIPA is a Wisconsin qualified lake association managed by a volunteer board of 12 directors. Our purpose is to preserve and protect Lake Wissota and its surroundings while enhancing the water quality, fishery, boating safety and the aesthetic values of Lake Wissota as a public recreational facility for today and for future generations. However, as a lake association the LWIPA has no control over lakeshore development or lake use.

Membership in LWIPA is open to any individual, family, business or organization. Memberships dues are $20 (standard) or $50 (premium) for those who would like to give additional support to lake association efforts.

Membership benefits include a biannual newsletter, annual meeting and periodic special meetings, annual picnic, opportunities to volunteer for committees and events, participate in the ongoing care of the lake, and access to Healthy Lakes grants to fund projects that improve the habitat and water quality on your property. Your dues will be used to support our continuing education and environmental projects that are described on our website.

Our website is a resource where you will find information to improve your knowledge of Lake Wissota. Among other things you will find Lake Wissota maps, LWGC newsletters, Lake Wissota Stewardship project updates, results of WI DNR studies of the lake, current lake science, information about water level fluctuations and the Wissota Hydro dam, upcoming meetings and events, current board members, lists of native plants, the Clean Boats/Clean Waters program, Healthy Lakes grant opportunities, etc.

Of special interest to all lake owners is the Lake Wissota Stewardship Project (LWSP). This is a public/private partnership of the LWIPA and the Chippewa County Land Conservation & Forest Management Committee implemented to improve water quality in Lake Wissota by reducing runoff pollution from its contributing watersheds. Through this project, landowners in the Lake Wissota watershed, install and agree to maintain permanent conservation practices such as planting tree buffers or creating sedimentation buffers that protect and improve lake water quality.

In December 2017, LWIPA initiated a fund-raising campaign and successfully raised $250,000 to guarantee the continuation of the LWSP program for 5 years using the model developed by the Little Lake Wissota Stewardship Project started in 2009. At this time the project was expanded to include all the watersheds of Lake Wissota. The $50,000 yearly budget pays for a watershed specialist, contracted by the county, to lead and implement the project. Learn more about LWSP at or and consider contributing to this ongoing project with your pledge. Volunteer opportunities for this project include planting trees and shrubs, monitoring water quality in area streams, rivers and the lake and on the end of your dock.

Please join us in our efforts. We hope to meet you soon at one of our meetings held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month or out on the lake.

LWIPA Board of Directors