Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Association


Critical Habitat Designations

A Critical Habitat Area Study was conducted September 25, 2006 on Lake Wissota, Chippewa County. The
designations were based on aquatic plant data collected during July and August 2005 and previous fish

The report designates 13 critical habitat areas and it contains maps and recommendations for each of the

The study team included:
Joe Kurz, DNR Fish Biologist
Deborah Konkel, DNR, Aquatic Plant Specialist
Buzz Sorge, DNR Lakes Manager
John Dunn, DNR Wildlife Biologist
Amy Lesik-Marcon, DNR Water Management Specialist
Roger Kees, Lake Wissota Association President
Mary Jo Fleming, Lake Wissota Association Clean Boats Clean Water Coordinator

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Submitted by
Deborah Konkel
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Eau Claire, WI