Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Association


Invasive Species Programs

Invasive species are in our lake!

In the Summer of 2005, during an aquatic plant survey being conducted by the Citizen Science Center of the Beaver Creek Reserve, Eurasian water milfoil was discovered in several areas of our lake. Volunteers from our Association, the Citizen Science Center, other friends of Lake Wissota, and staff from the DNR put together a rapid action plan to physically remove as much of this plant as we possible could before the plants’ normal fall breakup into fragments capable of spreading throughout our lake. Since then, our Association has continued to implement an agressive program of treatment, monitoring, and education. We are currently working with the Citizen Science Center, DNR, local governments and other partners to control this damaging plant as well as working to protect our lake against further infestations of milfoil and other invasive, often damaging, species of plants and animals.