Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Association


Milfoil Timeline Summary

Lake Wissota
Eurasian Watermilfoil Response

Beaver Creek CSC discovers Eurasian Watermilfoil in late summer near the State Park boat landing. DNR and LWIPA notified and landings are marked. In Late August, volunteers from LWIPA, staff from CSC and DNR, including DNR divers, pull as much as possible.

LWIPA applies for and is granted a Rapid Response grant to treat areas near the boat landing. Monitoring following the initial treatment discovers an additional area in Moon Bay that is also treated.

Total area treated: 9 Acres Mixed success of treatment. Some areas exhibit continued growth.

Continued growth in and around treated areas managed by pulling. Late development of a bed in Rod and Gun Club bay pulled by volunteers

LWIPA volunteers contribute 517 hours for Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) and monitoring programs

Additional RR grant received.

Total Area Treated: 14 Acres including large areas in Moon Bay. Large outbreak near State Park beach later in summer managed by pulling. Rod and Gun also pulled.

LWIPA and Chippewa Rod and Gun volunteers contribute 816 hours for CBCW and monitoring programs

AIS Planning Grant received to include monitoring, planning, map and 2009 Plant Study.

RR grant funds treatment of 7 acres. Smaller areas in Moon Bay need treatment, smaller bed near State Park boat landing. State Park beach also treated.

Neighborhood watch program instituted to target monitoring to areas deemed favorable for milfoil growth. New beds discovered along Hwy X and at mouth of Paint Creek in Little Lake. CSC Intern provides additional monitoring and CBCW staffing.

Some additional pulling needed during summer at State Park beach and at new beds along “X” and on Little Lake. Approx 1 acre bed near Moon Bay island erupts in late summer. Presence of blue green algae restricts ability to pull. Will need treatment in 2009

LWIPA and Chippewa Rod and Gun volunteers contribute 514 hours for CBCW and monitoring programs.

Continuing treatment expected at State Park Beach, Moon Bay Island, along Hwy X and on Little Lake. Continue monitoring and Clean Boats, Clean Waters. Produce map and implement plant survey and study.